Dry Dudz
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What does Dry Dudz mean?

Hybrid BoardshortsIt is a slang word for apparel used in past generations.  Created by Gale Murphy, partner.

What is Your slogan?

"Get Your Dudz On!"  These are not your parents Dudz, but your NEW Dudz.  Created by Mark Franz, investor.

What makes Dry Dudz different from other performance swimwear?

Dry Dudz™ features a patented QMS Quick Mount System™ that securely clips each pair of boardshorts to its inner liner, providing exceptional support without sacrificing style. Among the vast array of swimwear options, Dry Dudz™ also stands out as one of the lightest boardshorts on the market thanks to an innovative 115g polyester fabric weave. Every piece of Dry Dudz™ apparel also sports a DD Quick Dry wikTec fabric liner — a highly breathable, quick-dry material that wicks away moisture to keep the wearer’s skin dry all day.

What future products will be developed by Dry Dudz?  

We have future problem-solving products already in the design phase, but what will determine production is our consumer.  Please send us your ideas and we will try to find a solution.

How do I receive promotion from Dry Dudz?  

We do not want to overwhelm your e-mail inbox, so we will most often use the Dry Dudz Facebook page for promotions. To make sure you don't miss out, go to facebook.com/drydudz.  Be sure to click the LIKE button on the top right section of the page.

Water Park friendly...What does that mean?  

Often in water parks, swimwear with external metal parts are not allowed. Therefore, we made sure our swimwear doesn't have metal drainage holes or zippers.  Our pockets provide drainage from the inside and the zipper tab is made of plastic.