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Men's Replacement Belt Liner

Men's Belt Liners

These belt liners are so comfortable and practical that you will want an extra pair to use with the 2-in-1 hybrid boardshort. The patented QMS system allows the belt liner to be worn attached to the hybrid boardshorts, providing a secure connection while plunging into the water. Also, the belt liner can easily be detached while wearing the boardshort, allowing you to quickly move from boardshort to towel and into another pair of pants. The DD wikTec fabric is used in specific areas to pull wetness away from the skin and help protect against chafing.

Men's Belt Liner
All boardshorts are a 2-in-1 product, inlcuding shell and attachable liner.
84% Poly/16% Spandex
S/M/L/XL (size guide)
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Men's replacement blue linerMen's replacement gray liner
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> QMS™ attachment tab (2" x ½", polyurethane)
Soft side of Velcro is bonded to underside of tab for easy belt attachment to back of the boardshorts, providing movement and support for any activity.

> Pouch & Inner Panels
Made with DD wikTec material that provides support and wicks wetness away from the skin.

> Stitching
Flat lock stitching maximizes comfort and ensures lasting quality.

> Soft-to-touch waistband
Feels dry on contact even when wet.

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