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Women's Bikini Bottoms

Women's Separates


Each Woman’s Hybrid Boardshort comes with a coordinating bikini bottom, but one pair of these bikini bottoms are not enough for active women. The lining of our boy-cut, yoga-style bikini bottoms are made with DD WikTec fabric that is 100% polyester and specially woven to create stretch, without soaking up water. Wetness is pulled away from your skin, leaving you feeling dryer and more comfortable. The QMS tab easily attaches to the hybrid boardshort and provides security when you are active, but detaches just as easily. Feel free to roll down the waistband and catch some rays: “Get Your Dudz On.”

Women's Bikini Bottom
All bikini bottoms are designed to be part of a 2-in-1 hybrid boardshort product.
Bikini: 84% Poly/16% Spandex

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